Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs

President: Maleata Hall
First Vice President: Karen Bickham
Second Vice President: Almena Lowe Mozon
Recording Secretary: Chanelle Waddy
Corresponding Secretary: Stephanie Logan Semien
Treasurer: Monique Coleman
Financial Secretary: Dana Marie P. Thomas
Immediate Past President: Sheri Kim Parker

Chaplain: Cheryle Morgan and Vonda Rogers
Custodian: Marcia Varner
Historian: Patricia P. Watson
Parliamentarian: Marion Lane
Risk Management Coordinator: Almena Lowe Mozon
Sergeant at Arms: Caroline Glover
Web Mistress: Chanelle Waddy

Chair, Internal Audit Committee: Michelle Elliott
Chair, Nominating Committee: Catherine Joseph

Arts and Letters: Heather Conley Liggins
Courtesy and Recognition: Linda Parrish Heard
Economic Development: Marie Brown Mercadel
Educational Development (Youth Initiative): Shanelle Watkins Changotra and Glenda Davis
Fund Development: Carol Dyson and Darjené Graham Perez
Heritage and Archives: Patricia P. Watson and Taneashia Morrell
Internal Audit: Michelle Lewis Elliott
International Awareness and Involvement: Darjené Graham Perez
Membership Services: Karen Bickham
Rituals and Ceremonies: Stephanie Logan Semien
Scholarship: Marcia Varner and Pamela Jo Wilson
Social Action: Michelle Hafford
Technology: Chanelle Waddy and Taneashia Morrell
Physical and Mental Health: Yvette Debollette Amos and LaKesha Williams
Political Awareness and Development: Deirdre Burnett
Program Planning and Development: Almena Lowe Mozon