Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs

President: Sheri Kim Parker
Vice President: Patricia P. Watson
Treasurer: Monique Coleman
Financial Secretary: Dana Marie P.Thomas
Recording Secretary: Chanelle Waddy
Corresponding Secretary: Michelle Elliott
Parliamentarian: Marion Lane
Sergeant at Arms: Caroline Glover
Historian: Patricia P. Watson
Custodian: Patricia P. Watson
Immediate Past President: Barbara J. Odom

Arts and Letters: Emily Streeter
Audit: Michelle Hafford
Courtesy and Recognition: Equilla Luke
Delta Academy/Delta GEMS: Karen Bickham (Chair), Stephanie Semien
Economic Development: Catherine Joseph (Co-chair), Lillian Adams (Co-Chair)

Nominating Committee Chair: Equilla Luke
Nominating Committee Member: Cheryle B. Shaw- Morgan, Elsie Hart